Monday, 8 January 2018

Many local people (and no small number living further afield) will be familiar with local blogger Malcolm Knight and his blog "Bexley is Bonkers". His blog routinely highlights various illegal, immoral and otherwise shady shenanigans perpetrated by Bexley councillors and officials; and the frequent collusion by the local Police in covering up such activities.

As such, he is often the subject of a number of the above mentioned "shady shenanigans" orchestrated by councillors and their partners in crime. For instance, on one occasion the Police wrote to him with the warning that he could be prosecuted for "criticising councillors" and it took the intervention of the Independent Police Complains Commission to force them into a retraction.

This is the obscene, homophobic blog
which originated from the address
of Cllr Peter Craske. He was arrested
but never charged with any offence
On another occasion, an obscene, homophobic blog which was using the URL "" and directed at Malcolm and  fellow campaigners was eventually traced to the address of a Bexley councillor, Peter Craske (Blackfen & Lamorby). According to the local paper, he was arrested but never prosecuted; again, mainly due the the interference of the local Police. (See BiB ad nauseam).

More recently, Malcolm was again threatened by Bexley Police after reporting the case of councillors Don (Cray Meadows) and Sharon (Danson Ward) Massey whose Daughter held a couple of rowdy teenage parties over the Easter period in 2016 in a property they rented. (Link here).

The second of these parties was causing so much racket that the next door neighbour called the Police and the call handler, hearing the noise, sent a patrol car to investigate.

The Massey's not only failed to apologise to the neighbour but Don Massey actually verbally assaulted her, claiming that there was no need to have called the Police. Then, even worse, got a couple of their tame Police officers to go round to the neighbour's house and threaten her and her Daughter. The same two officers then went to the home of Malcolm Knight and made a false claim against him of harassment for having reported the incident in his blog. They did finally agree that he hadn't harassed the Masseys although it took them seven months to do so.

The latest incident though really does represent a new low when it comes to the persecution of innocent people.

To summarise, Councillor Maxine Fothergill (Bexleyheath & Crayford) agreed to pay £70,000 in damages following a High Court action for libel brought by two of the employees working for her company, Amex Estates, who she accused of misappropriation of a large sum of money: this resulted in one employee being charged with an offence and kept under arrest for a full 11 months before it was decided that she had no case to answer.

I don't intend to go into the details of this matter, it has been fully covered in Malcolm Knight's blog and doesn't need repeating here. Malcolm Knight's reporting of the case has been meticulously accurate, quoting mostly from information already in the public domain or easily verifiable documents obtained form the various parties involved.

Nevertheless, Maxine Fothergill still took it upon herself to make a complaint to Kent Police of harassment against Malcolm Knight and they, in their wisdom have decided to pass the case to the CPS. 

One would have thought that Kent Police, having their fingers burned once (or possibly more than once) by allegations coming from Maxine Fothergill, might be somewhat reticent in accepting another one; however, this seems to be what they have done.

I don't have the exact details of what Malcolm Knight has been charged* with and can't see by looking at the legislation what offence he can have possibly committed. If the commenting on information reported elsewhere is an offence, then we must all be guilty. If he were repeating a comment or report that itself was deemed to constitute harassment then there may be a case to answer but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

*(Stop press: According to Malcolm Knight, he hasn't actually been charged with anything, the file (whatever it contains) has been passed to the CPS by Kent Police without further action by them; an unusual thing to do apparently).

In the mean time, I and a number of other local bloggers have taken up the cause and will be giving this disgraceful affair full publicity. I do urge anyone who writes their own blog or newspaper to consider the implications of this case for the freedom of speech and do the same.

Below is the open letter written by Malcolm Knight and stands on it's own merit.

"I run a news website in SE London and have done since September 2009. My MP has said it is the best source of local news in her constituency (Erith & Thamesmead). However the police have told me that any news that might cause anyone to feel uncomfortable will be regarded as criminal harassment if the subject complains.
This attitude has the potential to bring every news outlet to a standstill. Think of Damian Green in the recent past and Kier Starmer/John Worboys today.
On 14th November 2017 a Bexley Councillor Maxine Fothergill was in the High Court in the Strand where she had admitted lying in a widely distributed letter and agreed to pay a total £70,000 to the two litigants. Legal costs were estimated to be in the region of £280,000.
I provided brief details the same day.
On the 16th November I received the News Press Pack from one of the litigants and was able to provide more detail and documentary evidence on that day and the following two days by which time I felt the story was exhausted.
On 30th November Cllr. Fothergill’s letter of apology began to reach interested parties and that fact was also noted.
No more happened until 8th December when I received a letter from Cllr. Fothergill’s solicitor. It asked only that I did not link to the local UKIP website which had carried the same story but went further and suggested the libel case implied corruption.
I had made no judgment at all, no opinion on the morality etc. of the Councillor whatsoever.
The solicitor presumably recognised the restrained nature of my news reporting.
On 18th December I was commanded by Kent Police to attend Swanley Police station or be arrested. I was interviewed under caution for doing what you do every day. Publishing simple news but in my case without any significant comment.
The latest information is that they are considering sending a file to the CPS. (On 5th January 2018 they did so). They appear to be conflating Harassment with Hate Crime. If the subject perceives Harassment then it is Harassment.
If this is allowed to go forward every news outlet might be subject to the same rules.
This is not the first time I have been attacked by Bexley Councillors. I was threatened in writing by the Met. Police that I would be arrested if I ever “criticised Councillors”. The IPCC made them withdraw that threat.
More recently I was accused of Harassment of a minor who was the daughter of a Councillor who had himself been spoken to by the police because of noisy house parties. I had used a photograph (attached) to illustrate a story on a related subject.
The photo had been taken from the Councillor’s own Facebook page and the decision to blur it was entirely mine. I did not say who was in the photo or mention the relationship with the Councillor or in fact give any clue as to why the photo was included in the story.
I was accused of “revealing all the personal details of a minor” even though no one outside her own family circle would have any idea who it was.
It took seven months for the police’s legal advisers to conclude that no offence had been committed.
The police (Kent in this case) are out of control and politicised. I could tell you of cases where Councillors have committed criminal offences against me. In one case the CPS lost the evidence and the other is still rumbling on nearly seven years later.
Making simple news reporting a criminal offence is a step too far which should be tackled at every level."

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

As this is the first post of the new year, the Thamesmead Grump would like to express the hope that his loyal readers all develop interesting diseases, fail to win the lottery, find that the rich relative that recently died hasn't left you any money in their will and perhaps, if you're lucky, get gangrene in your left leg.

Let's start the new year 

with a bit of quackery: 

it has everything. 

Below is a section of a bill currently being proposed by the Indian government to alleviate the shortage of doctors.

Yes folks, this would give all the "alternative" cranks, crackpots and charlatans equal status with proper Doctors in the treatment of patients in the Indian medical system.

I've already posted this on my Facebook page, but for those of you who don't do Facebook (you are really missing something if you aren't a follower of my page by the way, it's a cracking good read. Here is the link), this is a story about how the Indian Health Minister JP Nadda no less want to drag his country back into the dark ages by legitimising medical pseudo-science and mumbo-jumbo in order to alleviate the shortage of doctors.

Doctor Beetroot.
Notorious South African health minister
Dr Manto Tshabala-Msimang, claiming that
AIDS can be prevented by eating beetroot.
Nothing seems to be beyond the pale. Homoeopathy  (a mixture of distilled water and sugar pills), Acupuncture (and other forms of Chinese nonsense like grinding up the bones of rare animals and spreading them on the affected parts), Ayuveda (a traditional Indian form of medicine which involves obtaining messages from the Gods to determine the cause of the patients illness then feeding them an assorted cocktail of toxic heavy metals). All of these and more have been suggested as having a place in a modern medical practice.

It puts me in mind of Dr Manto Tshabala-Msimang, the notorious South African Health Minister from 1998 to 2008 who famously claimed that AIDS could be treated with alcoholic beverages and root vegetables (earning her the nickname "Doctor Beetroot) and so refused to introduce an effective AIDS prevention programme.
Her argument was not dissimilar to that promoted by her Indian counterpart - that traditional African remedies should be preferred.

She, along with her equally barmy President, Thabo Mbeke, who even claimed that HIV didn't cause AIDS, is said to have cost the lives of over 300,000 South Africans.

Whether the policy of Indian health minister JP Nadda results in similar carnage, only time will tell. One can only hope that common sense will prevail and that the Indian Medical Association succeed in blocking the motion.



This item that appeared on the BBC news website suggests that global warming might be responsible for the increase in the number of asylum seekers in Europe as hotter and dryer conditions elsewhere cause food shortages.

This completely contradicts my headline but is much less appealing if I want to get more hits on my blog. It is a fact, which I can prove statistically, that blogs with the words "refugee" or "immigrant" are more that twice as popular as any others.

Tabloid rags like the Daily Express and Daily Mail have made a fortune by twisting stories like this one around in order to appeal to half wits so why shouldn't I?

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

'Oumaumua -

A special report

Galactic Probe 'Oumaumua.
Sent to search for intelligent life
in the Universe, is currently
traversing a strange Solar System.
The inhabitants of Galactic Probe "'Oumaumua" are attempting to discover if there is any intelligent life in the Solar System they are currently passing through.

According to the Head of Alien Communications, Professor Zzlpn Xzlqqwxeee of the University of 'Ounaumua, there is a good chance of finding life of some sort, although not necessarily highly intelligent.

"So far" says Professor Xzlqqwxeee, "we have been quite lucky in that we have already managed to detect a sentient cheese in the Asteroid Belt and are trying to communicate with it."

He went on to say, "so far, we haven't had much luck, but we believe it may use the Universal "Lactonian" language system; if so, we may make some progress."

Plans to probe Uranus
have been abandoned.
Apparently, Professor Xzlqqwxeee found himself facing some controversy when he suggested probing Uranus during it's recent flyby. Other scientists working on the project believed that such a move could be misinterpreted by anyone living there and after considerable discussion, it was agreed to abandon it.

Recently there was a great deal of excitement when complex radio emissions were detected emanating from several locations on the surface of the third planet from the Sun.

Hopes were dashed when further examination of the planet detected that large quantities of toxic materials, including several billion tons of plastic waste were contaminating the oceans and large parts of the land surface. It was quickly agreed that no intelligent life form would deliberately do this to their environment and so there had to be some other explanation for the radio signals. 

When the Department for Alien Communications was able to decode the information contained within the signals they discovered a great tragedy. It seems that there was once intelligent life on the planet but it was destroyed in some sort of cataclysm involving a virus which caused the inhabitants of the planet to become "Televisiated". 

Victims, unable to resist being "Televisiated" gradually developed the condition "I'm a Celebrity Chef, Get Me Out of Big Brother's Jeremy Kyle Showitis". After a while, this had the effect of reducing the brains of anyone coming into contact with it to quivering blobs of primitive protoplasm.

It seems that this was a gradual process and those people living on the planet were unaware of what was happening until it was too late. In the mean time, their behaviour became increasingly bizarre, so even though they knew they were destroying their planet, they continued to behave as though nothing was happening; continuing to pollute the environment in ever more inventive ways. 

Low level fly past of
planetary probe shows
massive environmental
damage caused by
extinct life form.
Some of them, unhappy with the progress being made with the destruction of the general environment, hastened their own demise by setting fire to a poisonous plant "Nicotiana tabacum" and inhaling the toxic smoke, or they would get into mechanical contrivances and move them at great speed when intoxicated by alcohol or blinded by fog. They would even elect politicians who denied that there was any problem and so refuse to deal with the disaster looming on the horizon.

The end came with tragic irony. Some of their scientists had identified the virus causing all the insanity and had managed to design a vaccine to prevent it, but the brains of the general population had been so damaged by this time that they refused to use it, believing it was a plot by aliens to make them all autistic.

A few scientists and medical practitioners did try and launch a last-ditch attempt to save the people but by then their brains had been almost totally destroyed and could not be reasoned with. Approaching a victim with any sort of rational argument would trigger the main symptom of anyone with the terminal stages of the disease which would involve running around screaming "Do your research! Do your research!".

There are plans to make one last sensor sweep of the planet in the hope that some of them have survived but so far all they have been able to detect is some form of low grade life form inhabiting the tops of the few remaining mountains and surrounded by water. It seems to be making some attempt at communication but Professor Xzlqqwxeee believes that it may be nothing more that residual brain activity and not have any rational meaning.

Stop Press - 
The latest information coming from the Department of Alien Communications suggest that the life form on the planet is broadcasting a simple message appealing to some sort of religious entity called "The Trump" to deny the existence of climate change. Considering that most of their planet is now under water following the melting of their polar ice caps, it proves earlier assumptions that there is indeed no intelligent life left on the planet.

Monday, 4 December 2017


Saving Britain again

Marek Zakrocki
"Britain First" hero

Mr Zakrocki, who is actually a Polish immigrant, has been a long-time admirer of British values and at no time did he show how much he has been influenced by them than on the afternoon of  the 23rd of June when, after getting drunk and beating up his Wife, stole his company van and drove it around the area, shouting and swearing at passers by.

His moment of glory came when he was approached by Mr Kamal Ahmed, the Spicy Night Curry Restaurant owner who politely asked him not to park outside the restaurant. Recognising this as merely a prelude to an attack, possibly a suicide bombing, he made his heroic decision to defend the people of Great Britain by disabling the mad Muslim who was obviously intent on mass murder.

Without a thought for his own safety and armed only with a knife, a baton torch and the company van, launched a desperate attack on the Islamic terrorist before he could carry out his fiendish plot, thereby preventing what could have been another atrocity on the streets of London.

Other charges relating to the possession of a knife and of grievous bodily harm were not proceeded with after it was disclosed that his intended victim was only a wog. It was also made clear by defending council Jonathan Lennon that when his client announced that he was "going to kill a Muslim", he only meant it in general terms and in no way was it intended to refer to Mr Ahmed.

Mr Zakrocki will almost certainly only receive a token sentence once US President Donald Trump intervenes on his behalf.

While we are talking about "Britain First"..................

Leader (or possibly deputy leader, I'm not quite sure) Jayda Fransen told a packed hall of supporters at their Annual General Meeting about how she now has a "special relationship" with the US President after he tweeted support for her series of racist videos posted on the party's website.

All of the 70 or so delegates attending cheered wildly as they were told that president Trump's tweet was also endorsed by Nigel Farage who didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with publicising neo-Nazi filth.

After a short interlude when it had to be explained to some of the delegates who Donald Trump was, the meeting was able to get underway again.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Britain First finally gets the recognition it deserves from none other than the President of the United States.

Grab 'em by the pussy
Pussy Grabber in Chief, US President Donald Trump has declared his support for neo-Nazi group Britain First by re-tweeting a fake picture, supposedly showing a Muslim migrant attacking a man on crutches, posted by Jayda Fransen who is the group's deputy leader.

Britain First, an organisation made up of an assortment of Nazi trolls, hoax charity collectors and convicted paedophiles and which has links with far right organisations in Europe and banned paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland will be delighted with the latest endorsement of their hate campaign from none other than the US President.

Some very fine people
With his history of supporting Nazi groups in the US, he will be no stranger to the philosophy of Britain First who, compared to some of the people he has been describing as having "some very fine people" in its ranks, must seem quite moderate. 

Ms Fransen is due in court in Belfast on the 14th of December to face charges relating to a so-called "Northern Ireland Against Terrorism" rally earlier in the year.

As you can tell, Britain First are not very good at irony.

Just so you are clear about the activities of Britain First, I will show the video (no apology for repeating it) of the group's leader Paul Golding trying to con people out of their money on a fake charity stall. He was originally claiming that he was raising money for injured servicemen but eventually admitted that the money was going into his own pocket. You will also be interested to know that they are still using images of murdered soldier Lee Rigby in their publicity material despite being asked not to by his family.